Promyde. Progressing Polyamide | AUTOMOTIVE


Promyde® contributes to the
development of innovative automotive
parts with solutions focused on vehicle
weight reduction without sacrificing
performance, enhancing safety with
improved impact resistance properties
and easing design with high flow

Promyde polyamide 6 compounds are used in interior, exterior trim, and under the
hood parts, air conditioning systems, vents, electric fittings, interior parts, pedals, etc.

Reaching new limits in polyamide
for automobiles

The automotive industry is continuously designing new models that challenge part design and materials. Trends move towards aesthetically pleasing, more durable and safer vehicles, not forgetting the need of reducing fuel consumption through lighter vehicles.

Automotive applications push our strong investment in research and development further and further.

Our customers demand continuing development

Such as:
  • Heat resistance, stable at 190ºC to replace conventional PA 6,6
  • Flexible polyamide 6 for pipes
  • Weight reduction with lighter parts that are still as strong
  • Improved surface appearances combined with sctratch resistance
  • Low warpage
  • Easy processing - faster and easy mold release

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