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Promyde®: Spin around our full
range of products that meet
customers' needs

Promyde can fulfill needs for yarn production for delicate apparel, technical wear, carpets
or rugs, but also in industrial applications such as tire cords, grass trimmers' ropes or fishing nets. The extra stength and resilience needed is achieved by producing with high tenacity Promyde

From monofilaments to multifilament and high tenacity yarn

Almost four decades of fibre production experience makes NUREL a specialist in this market. Our upstream integration and our aim of getting the best-in-class raw materials for our own yarns, puts us in the first row of polyamide 6 manufacturing for fibre production.

Lower viscosity grades, suitable for high spinning processes of textile yarns, are presented with different lustres (bright, dull or semi dull).

We can also offer specific products for multifilament and BCF yarns for carpet and rug manufacturing, with controlled amino end groups to ensure an homogeneous filament dyeing. 

And finally, our range includes high tenacity grades for monofilament and multifilament extrusion, with high heat resistance and excellent mechanical properties, specifically developed for tyre cord webbings, seatbelts, narrow fabrics, fishnets, ropes, deep sea moorings, geotextiles, fire hoses or filtration.

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