Promyde. Progressing Polyamide | INDUSTRIAL AND CONSUMER DURABLES


Promyde® polyamide 6 resins offer the
right range of products that enable the
design of technical parts with very
resistant compounds for extreme
temperatures and strong impact

Promyde features versatile and outstanding properties that can be transformed into
engineered plastic parts. We can offer the right product for specific applications
from unreinforced to reinforced materials and with different additive packages

In continuous progress

Compared to other polymers, polyamide 6 provides an excellent price-performance balance. With Promyde you can achieve a good equilibrium between processing conditions, high mechanical strength and stiffness with thermal resistance and cost.

Industry processes Promyde by injection moulding and extrusion to produce plastic parts of furniture, windows, locks, fixing systems, trolleys, machines, special pipes and profiles, etc.

Used in applications that demand:

  • Thermal stability
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • No breakage in extreme seasonal temperatures
  • High stiffness and toughness
  • Elasticity
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Creep strength

A local supply of polyamide for
the Industry

Promyde has a global presence, and in order to provide its customers a better service, NUREL has arranged a local distribution service present in over 16 European countries, from Portugal to Turkey.

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