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Promyde® is the material of choice for
film or laminate production that
delivers excellent mechanical and
barrier properties. High performance
solutions for high performance films

Polyamide 6 is an excellent option for the most demanding extrusion applications.
Either if your process is cast, blown or biaxially oriented (BOPA), Promyde can offer
a wide range of grades that can adapt to your requirements

Quality and Reliability for your film production

With film thickness ranging from 10-200µm and production lines running up to 500m/min, there is little tolerance for production stoppages caused by quality issues.

Film producers also demand stable properties in every batch, structural integrity delivered through film strength and stiffness, high barrier towards oxygen and other gases, aromas and flavours, thermal stability, thermoformability, compatibility with other materials used in coextrusion or laminating. All this can be reached with Promyde products.

Processing techniques

Promyde is a material of choice for Biaxially Oriented (BOPA) film, Cast (T-die) or Blown extrusion process.

Promyde is suitable for food films production, but also for industrial applications such as release or protective films where chemical resistance to a wide variety of substances add value to film.

Benefits using Promyde in films

  • Improved gas barrier ( O2, CO2...) flavours and chemicals
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Good optical properties
  • Dimensional stability
  • Improved slip ability
  • Reduced neck-in
  • High heat resistance - suitable for sterilization treatments

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